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Posted on February 01 2018

Who is HollowRock - Blog - Origins & Etymology


The Origins:

We use the premise of the Hollow Rock (body position) and building core strength to deliver the WHY and establish our foundation as an active apparel company.  We set out to bridge the gap between disciplines by designing and creating high-quality gear that crosses over and is as multi-functional as it is stylish.  

Utilizing tomorrow’s technology and premium blended fabrics and materials, our athlete-tested products provide a fit and feel suitable for a variety of conditions and movements; each product, dynamic enough to be applied to disciplines ranging from yoga to OCR.  

We are embracing the growing acceptance of functional fitness as the workout of choice for the ‘modern athlete’ and fitness enthusiast worldwide.


The Exercise:

The word ‘Hollow Rock’ or Hollow Body is uttered throughout boxes and gyms worldwide, as it pertains to an exercise used to develop core strength and allows you to, as fitness expert B.J. Gaddour describes, “properly transfer force from your upper body to your lower body without any energy leaks”. Rooted as a foundational movement in gymnastics, the ‘Hollow Rock’ position was thrust into the spotlight with the emergence of functional fitness workouts, which typically involves training your body to work synergistically, using multiple muscle groups in an integrated way.















The Brand/Logo:

HollowRock Branding LogoOur logo is a direct reflection of our mantra; Empowering Movement.  

There are two main parts to the logo: the circle references a weight plate, symbolizing the strength each of us possesses within and the strength (emotional, spiritual, physical) as a goal we set to achieve.  

The line, which streaks upwards and across the circle portrays our motivation to always move upward and forward.  At the same time echoes our commitment to be a motivating factor in people’s lives to do the same, whether in fitness or life.

Our vision is to build on this movement of creating the strength to keep moving forward.

The Story:

The passion to design came at a very early age. From drawing cars, shoes, clothes, and even dream houses. I loved putting my ideas on paper.

At the same time, I dabbled in every sport I could get my hands on growing up.  From youth rugby to tennis, high school basketball to collegiate volleyball, then marathons and triathlon in more recent times.  It was assumed my career path would lead to something sports-related. And it did.

For 15 years I taught Phys. Ed. and coached at international schools in three different countries in Asia.  It was during these years that I harnessed and rediscovered the desire to design, from PE uniforms to sports and team gear.

It was when Emperor CrossFit in 2013 was conceived in Shanghai that things took a serious turn, from creating our box's gear to testing products on our members.  I loved having free reign with the materials and styles, while the constant inspiration and support of our members only pushed me to seriously look into creating something I only dreamed about as a kid.

A family decision in 2015 to move to the US after 38 years overseas was the opportunity to truly scratch this itch. Being involved in multiple sports and disciplines, I wanted to create a brand that catered to the hybrid athlete. The one who did a bit of everything, the jack of all trades. Thus, HollowRock was born.

HollowRock is the story of a boy who's lifelong relationship with sports and fitness, and the gear you wear playing them, formed an even deeper love - a brand on a mission to do one thing: empowering movements in yourself and others.

We look forward to seeing you become a part of the HollowRock movement.

Miguel Carreon,

Founder, CEO

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