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Imagine living in a one-room hut shared with seven other members of the family. Imagine going to school on an empty stomach, a small container of rice or a piece of bread for lunch. Imagine lying in bed at night thinking of a better life, dreaming of simple necessities, of getting out of this rut.

Education is one significant tool that emancipates people from the claws of poverty. In one Asian country alone, 5 million students will graduate from high school. How many could go on to higher education to make a small dent out of poverty? How many could make this dream come true for these impoverished kids.

HollowRock gives these individuals a chance. With a portion of our sales going towards the scholarship fund and selfless donations from our HollowRock community, we are able to play our part on the team whose efforts help dreams be realized.



Please contact our customer support if you would like to learn more about the scholarship fund and how you can contribute. | 949-387-5050

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